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Table 1 Diagnostic criteria for allergic diseases.

From: Prediction of atopy in the first year of life using cord blood IgE levels and family history

Allergic Disease Diagnostic Criteria (History Data)
Atopic dermatitis Presence of erythematous, papular, desquamating lesions against a background of dry skin, typical location; itching, dry skin, lesions present for several weeks.
Atopic rhinitis Recurrent aqueous or mucous nasal discharge, persistent sneezing and catarrh, difficult nasal breathing; signs no connected with infection.
Atopic conjunctivitis Watery eyes, hyperemia of conjunctivae, itching eyes, rubbing of eyes. Symptoms present for at least 2 weeks, and no connection with infection.
Symptoms of asthma Obstructive bronchiolitis, episodes of rales in the course of infection within the last 6 months, expiratory wheezes without infection.
Allergic gastro-intestinal disorders Recurrent diarrhea (frequently with admixture of mucus and blood), vomiting and spilling, severe colic after ingestion of certain products.