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Table 1 Correlations between TAS-20 and SEE scales

From: Alexithymia, emotion processing and social anxiety in adults with ADHD

  Acceptance of own emotions (sEE) Experience of being flooded with emotions (sEE) Experience of lack of emotions (sEE) Experience of self-control (sEE)
Difficulty identifying feelings (TAS-20) -0.62** 0.64** 0.44** -0.33**
Difficulty communicating feelings (TAS-20) -0.61** 0.38** 0.64** n.s.
TAs-20 total score -0.63** 0.45** 0.60** n.s.
  1. ** p < 0.01; n.s. = not significant; TAS = Toronto Alexithymia Scale; SEE = Skala zum Erleben von Emotionen (Experience of Emotions scale).