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Table 1 Main Components of Experimental and Control Materials

From: Histopathological Safety Evaluation of Newly-Developed MgO Sealer

  Materials Main Components
Experimental MgO Sealer zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, bismuth oxide, methyl salicylate, guaiacol
Control Finapec APC hydroxyapatite, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, bismuth subcarbonate, guaiacol, eucalyptol
  Sealapex Isobutyl salicylate resin, silicon dioxide, bismuth trioxide, titanium dioxide pigment, N-ethyl toluene sulfoamide resin, zinc oxide, calcium oxide
  AH Plus Diepoxide, calcium tungstate, zirconium oxide, aerosil, pigment, 1-adamantane amine, NN'-dibenzyl-5-oxa-nonandiamin-1,9, TCD-diamine, silicone oil