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Table 2 Recommendations for initial therapy of primary and CAPD-associated peritonitis.

From: Antimicrobial Treatmdent of "Complicated" Intra-Abdominal Infections and The New IDSA Guidelines - A Commentary and an Alternative European Approach According to Clinical Definitions

Diagnosis Likely organisms Initial therapy Level of evidence Strength of recommenddation
Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (mostly liver cirrhosis associated) Escherichia coli Ceftriaxon 3 A
  Enterococci Acylaminop enicillin/BLI 3 A
  Klebsiella spp. Ciprofloxacin* 3 A
   Levofloxacin* 3 B
CAPD - associated peritonitis S. aureus
Other Streptococci
Escherichia coli
Cephalosporin group 2 with/without Ciprofloxacin* 3 A
  Enterobacteriaceae Vancomycin + Gentamicin 3 A
See Table 5   
  MRSA, VRE, ESBL See Table 5   
  Candida sp. See Table 6   
  1. * = use antibiotic only if local susceptibility rates are ≥ 90%.