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Table 2 Overview of current Daa combination therapies (ongoing and recently completed trials) with or without PEG-IFN/RBv in clinical development

From: New hepatitis C therapies in clinical development

Company NS3 Protease Inh. NS5A Inh. NS5B Nuc. Inh. NS5B Non-Nuc. Inh. Duration of DAA therapy DAAs alone DAAs+ RBV DAAs+ IFN/RBV Prior treatment Comments
Roche Danoprevir*(100 mg TID - 900 mgBID)   RG 7128 (500 mg or 1000 mg BID)   1-2 weeks    Naïve + Experienced Proof-of-concept study; no resistance-emergence
Vertex Telaprevir (1125 mg BID)    VX-222 (100 mg or 400 mg BID) 12 weeks   No No published results
Bristol- Myers Squibb BMs-650032 (600 mg BID) BMs-790052 (60 mg QD)    24 weeks   Prior null- responders Only Frequent virologic breakthrough in Gt1a patients in Daa-only- study arm during first 12 weeks
Boehringer Ingelheim BI 201335 (120 mg QD)    BI 207127 (400 mg or 600 mg TID) 4 weeks     No 100% RvR in patients treated with the higher dose of BI 207127/RBv
Gilead Gs-9256 (75 mg BID)    Tegobuvir (40 mg BID) 4 weeks No RBV delayed/reduced virologic breakthrough
Abbott ABT-450/r    ABT-072 12 weeks     No No published results
Pharmasset    PsI-7977 + PsI-938   1-2 weeks    No No published results
Idenix** IDX320   IDX184        
  1. *Following significant liver enzyme elevations during a phase 2 study of danoprevir (900 mg BID), subsequent DAA combination therapies are conducted with ritonavir-boosted danoprevir only; **this study has been placed on hold.
  2. NS3 Protease Inh., NS3 protease inhibitor; NS5A Inh., NS5A inhibitor; NS5B Nuc. Inh., NS5B nucleos(t)ide inhibitor; NS5B Non-Nuc. Inh., NS5B Non-nucleoside inhibitor; IFN, pegylated interferon; RBV, ribavirin; QD, once daily; BID, twice daily; TID, three times daily.