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Table 2 Three patients with combined CRVO and BRAO

From: Comorbidities in combined retinal artery and vein occlusions

Patient age Diagnoses of systemic diseases
  (no. of patients)
11. A 64-year-old male Arterial hypertension (230/140 mmHg)
Heart echo: ventricular hypertrophy
12. A 48-year-old male Chronic smoker;
patient noticed an amaurosis fugax attack 2 weeks earlier Heart-echo:
Patent foramen ovale; arterial hypertension;
Doppler sonography: normal carotid arteries
13. A 33-year-old woman Taking hormones to become pregnant (Clonifen Galen, woman 1 Tbl/day) for 8 months; chronic smoker; coagulation disturbance due to increased factor VIII activity; heart-echo: normal findings. Cerebral MRT: normal findings
Mean age: 2 males and 1 female: 48.3 (33–64 years) Arterial hypertension: patient 11
Chronic smoker: patients 12, 13
Hormone treatment: patient 13
Heart-echo: normal findings: patient 13
Coagulation disturbance: patient 13
Patent foramen ovale: patient 12
Ventricular hypertrophy: patient 11
Doppler sonography: normal carotid arteries: patient 12