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Table 1 General information of the three eligible studies

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Meta-analysis on the efficacy of tourniquet on ankle trauma surgery

Author Journal Surgery Cases ( n) Gender (male/female) Average age (years) Results in tourniquet group
Tourniquet Non-tourniquet Tourniquet Non-tourniquet Tourniquet Non-tourniquet
Konrad 2005 [19] Clin Orthop Relat Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) 26 28 10/16 11/17 42.7 41.6 More postoperative swelling and pain, less range of motion
Maffulli 1993 [20] J Bone Joint Surg ORIF of simple, closed fractures of the distal part of the fibula 40 40 33/7 27/11 52 50 Longer operation time, more complications, less frequency of wound infection, return to work later
Omeroglu 1997 [21] Foot Ankle ORIF of malleolar fractures 16 16 10/6 12/4 40 37 More pain