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Table 3 Patients with brain metastasis - details and treatment characteristics

From: Palliative radiation therapy in patients with metastasized pancreatic cancer - description of a rare patient group

Patient and treatment details Number
Patient number 5
Number of lesions 7
Age (median, range) (years) 59 (41 to 77)
Multiple lesions (≥3 lesions; patient number) 2
One to three lesions (patient number) 3
Extra-CNS metastases (patient number) 5
Stereotactic radiosurgery (number of patients/lesions) 2/4
Dose at 80%-isodose (median, range) (Gy) 20 (18 to 20)
WBRT (number of patients) 3
Previous systemic treatment 4 (80%)
  1. WBRT, whole brain radiotherapy.