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Table 3 Gene Ontology database enrichment analysis of cluster D

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Reanalysis of the gene expression profile in chronic pancreatitis via bioinformatics methods

Gene Ontology term Genes P-value
Response to DNA damage stimulus PARP3, TOP2A, RAD51 0.0025
DNA metabolic process PRIM1, RFC1, PARP3 0.0041
Chromosome organisation CDCA8, H2AFX, RFC1 0.0047
Chromosome condensation NCAPH, TOP2A 0.0065
Chromosome segregation MIS12, TOP2A 0.0073
Cellular response to DNA damage stimulus TOPBP1, PARP3, TOP2A 0.0080
mRNA export from nucleus AGFG1, RAE1 0.0089
DNA packaging NCAPH, TOP2A 0.0106
Response to ionizing radiation TOPBP1, H2AFX 0.0115
RNA export from nucleus AGFG1, RAE1 0.0124
Endocytosis SNX4, SFTPD, CD14 0.0150
Regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity BUB3, CDC23, CCNB1 0.0155
RNA transport AGFG1, RAE1 0.0166
DNA repair TOPBP1, PARP3, TOP2A 0.0170
Nuclear export AGFG1, RAE1 0.0290
DNA replication RFC1, TOP2A, MCM5 0.0324
Organelle organisation CDCA8, BUB3, H2AFX 0.0357
Response to stress PARP3, PHLDA3, LSP1 0.0359
Cellular response to stimulus PARP3, TOP2A, RAD51 0.0375
Innate immune response TUBB2C, SFTPD 0.0441