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Table 1 Basic information for studies included

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Meta-analysis of the associations between TNF-α or IL-6 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to lung cancer

First author Year Country Ethnicity Polymorphisms Number of cases Number of controls Method HWE
Helmig 2010 Germany European TNF-α 308G/A 374 177 Real-time PCR Yes
Flego 2009 Croatia European TNF-α 308G/A 230 230 PCR-RFLP Yes
Stankovic 2009 Serbia European TNF-α 308G/A 70 102 PCR-RFLP Yes
Colakogullari 2008 Turkey European TNF-α 308G/A IL-6 174G/C 44 59 PCR-SSP Yes
Vogel 2008 Denmark European IL-6 174G/C 403 744 PCR Yes
Seifart 2006 Germany European TNF-α 308G/A IL-6 174G/C 117 243 PCR-RFLP Yes
Shih 2006 China Asian TNF-α 308G/A 202 205 PCR-RFLP Yes
Campa 2004 Norway European IL-6 174G/C 250 214 Taqman Yes
  1. TNF: tumor necrosis factor; IL: interleukin; PCR: polymerase chain reaction; PCR-RFLP: polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism; PCR-SSP: polymerase chain reaction-sequence specific primer; HWE: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.