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Table 1 Total hip arthroplasty-related osteosarcoma

From: Total hip arthroplasty-related osteogenic osteosarcoma: case report and review of the literature

References Age (year)/sex Preoperative diagnosis Prosthesis Stem-head alloy; cup; fixation type; Time lap (year) Symptoms Involvement; treatment; outcome
Penman and Ring [5] 75/F OA Ring CoCr; CoCr; uncemented 5.0 Gross edema of the hip region; reduced ROM Bone/soft tissue; none; death, 19 day; renal mets
Rushford [3] 54/F Radiation necrosis of femoral head McKee-Farrar CoCr; CoCr; cemented 0.5 Increasing pain in both hips, more marked on the left side Bone/soft tissue; Girdlestone, Tu not treated; death, 9 month; lung mets
Brien et al. [6] 60/F Hip dysplasia, secondary OA Chamley Stainless steel; PE; cemented 8.0 Increasing pain in the thigh, buttock; palpable mass around the adductor muscle Bone/soft tissue; chemotherapy, en block resection, with custom made prosthesis; ND
Martin et al. [20] 66/F OA Chamley-Mueller CoCR; PE; cemented 10.5 Pain in the right hip; reduced ROM Bone/soft tissue; hip-exarticulation; death, 8 month; lung mets
Prasad et al. [16] 70/M OA Howse II TiAlV; PE/Titanium; uncemented 6.5 Pain, swelling of the hip Bone/soft tissue; revision of the prosthesis; death, 7 week; lung mets
Adams et al. [17] 62/M OA Harris-Galante Titanium stem, CoCr modular head; titanium shell with PE inlay; uncemented 3.0 Pain, stiffness and swelling of the hip Bone/soft tissue; wide amputation; ND
Keel et al. [18] 73/F OA ND ND; ND; ND 2.5 Pain None/soft tissue; radiation; death, 1 year; lung mets
Keel et al. [18] 68/M OA ND TiAlV; ND; ND 3.0 Pain, stiffness and swelling of the hip Bone/soft tissue; hemipelvectomy; death, 6 month; lung mets
Lamovec et al. [13] 65/F ND Chamley-Mueller Stainless steel; PE; cemented 10.0 Pain, reduced ROM Bone/soft tissue; radiotherapy; death during treatment; lung mets
Kavalar et al. (Present case) 65/M AS Anatomic modular stem; press-fit acetabular cup TiAlV stem with aluminal ceramic head; TiAlV shell with aluminal ceramic inlay; uncemented 15.0 Pain, reduced ROM Bone/soft tissue; revision of total hip prosthesis; alive, 6 month; lung, ribs mets
  1. OA osteoarthritis, AS ankylosing spondylitis, PE polyethylene, ROM range of motion, ND no data