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Table 5 Rates of intervention including PCI and CABG in NSTEMI patients with final diagnosis after the first versus the second cTn control

From: How rapid is rapid? Exemplary results of real-life rapid rule-out troponin timing in troponin-positive acute coronary syndromes without persistent ST-segment elevation in two contrasting German chest pain unit facilities

Rates of intervention Overall Site I (%) Site II (%) p value
NSTEMI ensured by the 1st control (h)
 Overall 71.6 70.0 72.9 0.82
 PCI 61.4 67.5 56.3 0.73
 CABG 10.2 2.5 16.7 <0.01*
 None 28.4 30.0 27.1 0.82
NSTEMI ensured by the 2nd control (h)
 Overall 87.5 100 83.3 Omitted to due remaining small sample size
 PCI 75.0 100 66.7
 CABG 16.7 16.7
 None 16.7 16.7
  1. site I centre of maximum care in an urban university setting (University Hospital Münster); site II centre of primary care in a rural regional setting (Arnsberg Medical Center)
  2. subgroups: a–c myocardial infarction without persistent ST-segment elevation (NSTEMI), CA coronary angiography, cTn cardiac troponin
  3. * Statistically significant