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Table 2 Identification of independent risk factors for LIV stenosis

From: Left innominate vein stenosis in an asymptomatic population: a retrospective analysis of 212 cases

Risk factors Multivariable logistic regression analysis
β OR (95% CI) P
BMI 0.092 1.097 (0.990–1.215) 0.078
Crossing site of LIV over the aortic archa 0.968 2.632 (1.401, 4.944) 0.003
Space between the aortic arch and sternum −0.173 0.841 (0.770, 0.919) <0.001
  1. LIV left innominate vein, OR odd ratio, CI confidence interval, BMI body mass index
  2. aThe category “over the three branches of aortic arch” was used as the reference category