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Table 1 Antibodies used for flow cytometry

From: The inflammatory phase of fracture healing is influenced by oestrogen status in mice

Antibody Label Product Company Dilution
Il-6 (rabbit anti-mouse) bs-0782R Bioss 1:250
Mdk (goat anti-mouse) sc-1398 SantaCruz 1:100
CCL2 (rabbit anti-mouse) bs-1955R Bioss 1:150
CXCL1 (rabbit anti-mouse) ab86436 Abcam 1:200
Ly6G (rat anti-mouse) 127603 BioLegend 1:300
CD45/B220 (rat anti-mouse) RA3-6B2 BioLegend 1:100
CD8 (rabbit anti-mouse) bs-0648R Bioss 1:100
F4/80 (rat anti-mouse) ab6640 AbD Serotec 1:500
Streptavidin HRP ZUC012 Zytomed Sytems 1:100
IgG (donkey anti-goat) Biotin sc-3854 SantaCruz 1:100
IgG (goat anti-rabbit) Biotin B2770 Life Technologies 1:100
IgG (goat anti-rat) Biotin 31830 Invitrogen 1:100