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Table 4 The table contains the calculated PCCs for evaluation of construct validity

From: The Munich Ankle Questionnaire (MAQ): a self-assessment tool for a comprehensive evaluation of ankle disorders

Pain Activities of daily living Functional sports and recreational activities Activities of daily living Sports ROM ROM and MAQ movement
Pain 0.83
Work and daily living 0.85 0.85
ROM 0.82 0.83
Movement and ROM 0.82 0.85
  1. The subscale “pain” was correlated with the matching subscale of the FAOS. “Work and daily living” was compared with the subscale “activities of daily living” of the FAOS and FAAM. The objectively measured degree of dorsal and plantar flexion was correlated with the results from the “ROM” subscale that were achieved by use of the illustrated dorsal flexion and plantar flexion. Furthermore, the PCC between “ROM” and the subscale sports from the FAAM was calculated. Finally, the overall result of “movement and ROM” was correlated with the subscale “functional sports and recreational activities” of the FAAM and the objectively measured ROM. PCCs higher than r = 0.7 indicate evidence for construct validity for all subscales of the MAQ