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Table 1 Patients characteristics

From: Effects of respiratory rate on venous-to-arterial CO2 tension difference in septic shock patients undergoing volume mechanical ventilation

DemographicsAll patients (n = 17)
Age (years)69 ± 11
SOFA score at admission7 ± 2
ICU mortality, n (%)6
Lactate levels (mmol/L)4.03 ± 0.2
CVP (cmH2O)12.5 ± 3.6
Mottled skin, n (%)6
Source of infection, n (%)17
Abdominal infection5
Urinary tract infection3
Mediastinal infection1
  1. Data are presented as mean ± SD or absolute values (%)
  2. APACHE II, acute physiology and chronic health evaluation; SOFA, sepsis-related organ failure assessment; ICU, intensive care unit; CVP, central venous pressure