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Table 3 Parameter and timing of sampling dependent on frequency and power density of ultrasound treatment

From: Novel method for reduction of virus load in blood plasma by sonication

Frequency (kHz)Power density (W/cm2)Sampling
Positive control 1, −CO2, −USPositive control 2 +CO2, –USTreated sample +CO2, +US
271.600 h/5 h5 h/every 30 min5 h/every 30 min
421.600 h/5 h5 h/every 30 min5 h/every 30 min
330.480 h/5 h5 h/hourly5 h/hourly
700.530 h/5 h5 h/hourly5 h/hourly
2500.480 h/5 h5 h/hourly5 h/hourly