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Table 1 Phenotypic resistance by MGIT 960 system to anti-TB drugs among 93 multidrug-resistant M. tuberculosis isolates and number of susceptible and resistant isolates with mutations in target genes for each drug

From: Correction to: Molecular characterization of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB) isolates identifies local transmission of infection in Kuwait, a country with a low incidence of TB and MDR-TB

Anti-tuberculosis drugNo. of isolates testedNo. of susceptible isolatesNo. of susceptible isolates with mutationaNo. of resistant isolatesNo. (%) of resistant isolates with mutationa
Rifampicin93009393 (100)
Isoniazid93009392 (98.9)
Pyrazinamide461003630 (83.3)
Ethambutol935239b4138 (92.7)
Streptomycin933405951 (86.4)
  1. aResistance conferring mutations were detected in rpoB for rifampicin, katG + inhA for isoniazid, pncA for pyrazinamide, embB for ethambutol, and rpsL + rrs for streptomycin
  2. bM. tuberculosis isolates with embB mutations usually confer low level of resistance to ethambutol which are often missed by the MGIT 960 system [23, 28]