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Table 3 Questions included in the final evaluation questionnaire (with the exception of item 28, possible answers were graded on a Likert scale: 1, “strongly agree” to 6, “strongly disagree”)

From: Logbooks alone are not enough: initial experience with implementing a logbook for medical students in a clinical internship in gynecology and obstetrics

7I was very interested in gynecology even before the internship
8The internship has increased my interest in gynecology
9The structure and sequence of the internship were comprehensible
10The organization and implementation of the course were good
11There were too many phases in which idle time occurred
12The supervision by physicians during the whole internship was good
13I felt I was being integrated into everyday medical work
14My questions were answered willingly
15The physicians and nursing staff treated me in a friendly way
16Things were naturally explained, without questions having to be asked
17Wards and outpatient clinics were prepared to receive the students
18The training was based on preset learning objectives
19I had an opportunity to take part in diagnosis and treatment
20I received constructive feedback on this from the physicians.
21I was mainly used for auxiliary activities
22I repeatedly felt that I was being ignored and pushed away
23I was able to go into the deeper theoretical content of the specialty in an application-oriented way
24The theoretical part of the examination was appropriate
25The practical part of the examination was appropriate
26The practical part of the exam motivated me to undertake more intensive skills training.
27Taking part in the internship was worth the time involved
28I would give the internship the following overall grade (grades on a scale of 1 for “very good” to 6 for “inadequate”) …