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Table 4 General conditions in the practical training

From: Logbooks alone are not enough: initial experience with implementing a logbook for medical students in a clinical internship in gynecology and obstetrics

No.ItemWith logbookWithout logbookP value
12The supervision by physicians during the whole internship was good1.880.8621.560.7120.007
13I felt I was being integrated into everyday medical work2.491.1972.351.0570.412
14My questions were answered willingly1.550.8671.430.8440.326
15The physicians and nursing staff treated me in a friendly way1.760.9081.750.8570.900
16Things were naturally explained, without questions having to be asked2.571.2212.431.1370.394
17Wards and outpatient clinics were prepared to receive the students1.971.1161.630.9600.029
  1. The items were graded on a Likert scale from 1, “strongly agree” to 6, “strongly disagree”