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Table 5 Evaluation of the practical training on the wards/outpatient clinics

From: Logbooks alone are not enough: initial experience with implementing a logbook for medical students in a clinical internship in gynecology and obstetrics

No.ItemWith logbookWithout logbookP value
18The training was based on preset learning objectives2.111.1271.610.8890.001
19I had an opportunity to take part in diagnosis and treatment2.701.2682.701.2470.981
20I received constructive feedback on this from the physicians2.861.3202.901.2640.841
21I was mainly used for auxiliary activities4.261.6094.481.4910.340
22I repeatedly felt that I was being ignored and pushed away5.082.2434.961.2700.665
23I was able to go into the deeper theoretical content of the specialty in an application-oriented way2.171.0362.060.9390.440
  1. The items were graded on a Likert scale from 1, “strongly agree” to 6, “strongly disagree”