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Table 2 Identifier and details of studies which investigated the advantages of high-dose vitamin C in patients with COVID-19

From: Safety and effectiveness of high-dose vitamin C in patients with COVID-19: a randomized open-label clinical trial

Identifier Study type Estimated enrollment Allocation Masking Arms Primary outcome measures
NCT04401150 CT 800 R Q Arm 1: Vitamin C: 50 mg/kg of weight administered intravenously every 6 h for 96 h (16 doses)
Arm 2: Normal saline (0.9% NaCl) or dextrose 5% in water (D5W) in a volume to match the vitamin C
Death or persistent organ dysfunction
NCT04342728* CT 520 R O/L Arm 1: 8000 mg of ascorbic acid (daily with food)
Arm 2: 50 mg of zinc gluconate (daily)
Arm 3: 8000 mg of ascorbic acid and 50 mg of Zinc gluconate
Symptom Reduction in 28 days
NCT04357782 CT 20 N/R O/L Arm 1: 50 mg/kg l-ascorbic acid (every 6 h for 4 days) in the group with mild deoxygenation
Arm 2: 50 mg/kg l-ascorbic acid(every 6 h for 4 days) in the group with sever deoxygenation
1. Incidence of adverse events
2. Incidence of serious adverse reactions
3. Incidence of adverse reactions
NCT04323514 O 500 N/A O/L 10 g of vitamin C intravenously in addition to conventional therapy In-hospital mortality
NCT04344184* CT 200 R Q Arm 1: 100 mg/kg intravenous vitamin C infusion (every 8 h 3 days)
Arm 2: Dextrose 5% Water
Ventilator-free days
NCT04264533* CT 140 R T Arm 1: 50 ml injection: 12 g vitamin C + Water
(every 12 h for 7 days)
Arm 2: 50 ml of sterile water (every 12 h for 7 days)
Ventilation-free days
IRCT20190917044805N2** CT 60 R D Arm 1: 200 ml volume including 12,000 mg of vitamin C in dextrose 5% for 4 days
Arm 2: 200 ml of Distilled water in dextrose 5%
1. Time to clinical improvement (TTIC)
2. Time to clinical improvement (TTIC) of NEWS2 (National Early Warning Score 2)
IRCT20200324046850N5** CT 40 R D Arm 1: Main regime + 500 mg of vitamin C
Arm 2: Main regime + Placebo of vitamin C
Number of hospital admission days
IRCT20151228025732N52** CT 30 R O/L Arm 1: 2000 mg of vitamin C every 6 h for 7 days + main regime
Arm 2: Only the main regime
1. The rate of decline in lung infection rate
2. Number of breaths per minute
3. The course of the disease
4. Heart rate
  1. CT clinical trial, O observational study, R randomized, N/A not available, N/R non-randomized, T triple blinded, Q quadruple blinded, D double blinded, O/L open label
  2. *
  3. **