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Table 1 Overview of the overall number of codes and median AIS per ISS-anatomical region of the presented polytrauma cases

From: Interobserver variability of injury severity assessment in polytrauma patients: does the anatomical region play a role?

  Head and necka Facea Thorax (including thoracic spine)a Abdomen (including visceral pelvis/lumbar spine)a Extremities (including osseous pelvis/shoulder girdle)a External (including skin/soft tissues)a
Number of codes 18 3 24 8 22 6
Median AIS (IQR) 3 (2–4) 2 (1–2) 3 (2–4) 2 (2–3) 2 (2–3) 1 (1–1)
  1. Codes were allocated from an AAAM-certified specialist
  2. AIS: Abbreviated Injury Scale; ISS: Injury Severity Score; AAAM: Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine; IQR: interquartile range
  3. aISS anatomical region