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Table 4 Independent risk factors for ESRD of MGRS

From: Clinicopathological characteristics of patients with paraproteinemia and renal damage

HR 95% CI lower 95% CI upper P
Scr 1.004 1.002 1.006 0.000
Hb 1.036 1.000 1.073 0.049
Serum κ/λ ratio 3.550 1.176 10.713 0.025
  1. Univariate variables included the following variables: age, gender, lesion duration, hematuria, proteinuria, albumin, Hb, Scr, eGFR, low serum C3 level, abnormal serum and urine κ/λ ratio, abnormal sIFE and uIFE, presence of renal monotypic κ, glomerular global and segmental sclerosis, crescents, IFTA, interstitial inflammation, and podocyte effacement. Multivariate variables included Hb, Scr, eGFR, abnormal serum and urine κ/λ ratio, and glomerular global and segmental sclerosis