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Table 2 Acceptable reasons for delaying surgery in hip fracture patients according to the guideline for the management of hip fractures 2020 by the Association of Anaesthetists [39, 49]

From: Management of proximal femur fractures in the elderly: current concepts and treatment options

Acceptable Unacceptable
Haemoglobin concentration < 8 g dL Lack of facilities or theatre space
Plasma sodium concentration < 120 or > 150 mmol/l Awaiting echocardiography
Potassium concentration < 2.8 or > 6.0 mmol/l Unavailable surgical expertise
Uncontrolled diabetes Minor electrolyte abnormalities
Uncontrolled or acute onset left ventricular failure  
Correctable cardiac arrhythmia with a ventricular rate > 120 min  
Chest infection with sepsis  
Reversible coagulopathy