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Table 4 Summary of findings

From: Determinants of influenza vaccine hesitancy among pregnant women in Europe: a systematic review

Authors Year Country Sample size Vaccine hesitancy measures used Main determinants of influenza vaccine hesitancy
Blanchard-Rohner et al. 2012 Switzerland 261 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) Lack of information by health care professionals
Belief that vaccine is unsafe during pregnancy
Anti-vaccine attitude
Bödeker et al. 2014 Germany 1030 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) Lack of trust in vaccine
Belief that vaccine is not necessary
Lack of knowledge about the importance during pregnancy
Anti-vaccine attitude
Bödeker et al. 2015 Germany 838 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) That flu shot is not necessary
Lacking awareness of influenza vaccination recommendations for pregnant women
Mistrust in vaccine
Descamps et al. 2019 France 11,752 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) Multiparity
Less than postgraduate education
Maltezou et al. 2019 Greece 304 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) Fear of adverse events (for them or the fetus)
Influenza vaccination is not necessary
No risk to get influenza
Against all vaccinations
Maurici et al. 2015 Italy 309 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) No need for the vaccination
Opposition to vaccination
Flu shot not recommended
O’Shea et al. 2018 Ireland 198 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) Lack of recommendation by health care providers
Lack of knowledge
Prospero et al. 2019 Italy 266 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) Drug objection
Low risk perception
Tuells et al. 2018 Spain 1569 Self-reported vaccine status Unawareness of vaccine recommendation
Belief that vaccination is not necessary
Vila-Candel et al. 2016 Spain 200 Medical records, immunization registry, and self-reported Underestimation of personal risk
Lack of information
Wilcox et al. 2019 England 314 Self-reported vaccine uptake (yes/no) Concerns about side-effects
Doubts about effectiveness
Doubts about need
  1. Overview of the studies considered in the systematic review. Authors, year of publication, country of study collection, and number of participants are listed. Measurements of vaccine hesitancy are listed. Determinants were considered important when the authors of the original papers listed them in their discussion of the results