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Table 2 Association between NYHA functional class in CAD and no CAD patients and number of CD133+, CD34+ and CD34+/CD133+ cells

From: Differential number of CD34+, CD133+ and CD34+/CD133+ cells in peripheral blood of patients with congestive heart failure

NYHA functional class Number of CD133+ cells r (p value) Number of CD34+ cells r (p value) Number of CD34+/133+ cells r (p value)
CAD 0.17 (0.11) 0.14 (0.16) 0.36 (0.006)*
no CAD 0.04 (0.39) 0.47 (0.0003)* 0.49 (9.86E-05)*
  1. CAD: coronary artery disease. *p < 0.05.