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Table 2 Initial stage and best response with sorafenib.

From: Sorafenib after combination therapy with gemcitabine plus doxorubicine in patients with sarcomatoid renal cell Carcinoma: a prospective evaluation

TNM stage Best response on GD Best response on sorafenib
pT2 pN0 SD PR
pT4 pNx cM1 SD SD
pT3b pN0 cM0 SD SD
pT1b Nx pM1 R2 SD SD
pT3a pN0 cM0 SD SD
pT2 pN0 cM0 SD PD
pT3a Nx R1 SD PD
pT3a pN2 pM1 SD PD
pT4 Nx cMx SD PD
pT3b pN0 pM1 SD -
pT1b Nx cM0 PD -
pT3b pN0 cM0 PD -
pT3b pN1 cM1 PD -
pT2 pN0 cM1 PD -