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Table 3 Outcomes/morbitity and mortality data, following OLT.

From: Long-term outcomes of liver transplant patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection and end-stage-liver-disease: single center experience

ID Donor age (ys) Art of OLT Rejection(yes/no) Immunosuppression Early postop. complications Survival post-OLT (months) Cause of death
1 46 whole graft No FK CMV 34 graft failure after HBV recurrence
2 63 whole graft Yes FK/CSA Cholangitis, psychosis 145 alive
3 27 whole graft No CSA, MMF hep. artery thrombosis, CMV 3 Sepsis, MOF
4 15 whole graft No CSA CMV 31 Sepsis, MOF
5 40 RLDLT No CSA biliary leakage 1 Sepsis, MOF
6 16 whole graft No CSA, MMF   10 graft failure, GI-bleeding
7 37 ext. right split Yes FK Critical illness polyneuropathy 58 alive
8 66 whole graft No FK   21 alive