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Table 1 Medical diseases leading to hospitalization

From: The crucial factor of hospital readmissions: a retrospective cohort study of patients evaluated in the emergency department and admitted to the department of medicine of a general hospital in Italy

Cardiovascular disease Heart failure, infectious, inflammatory, ischemic, valvular diseases, and venous or arterial system diseases
Pulmonary disease Infectious, inflammatory and vascular damage of lungs or pleura
Neurologic disease Degenerative and ischemic damage of the central nervous system
Renal disease All processes responsible of acute or chronic reduction of renal function
Gastrointestinal disease Hepatic damage with liver dysfunction, biliary damage due to infectious, inflammatory or dysplastic processes with and without jaundice and gallstones, acute and chronic pancreatitis, infectious, inflammatory or dysplastic processes of stomach and bowel, including diverticulitis
Hematologic disease All processes leading to alterations of blood cells, excluding post-hemorrhagic anemia
Post-surgery condition All patients who underwent any recent operation on any organ
Musculoskeletal disease All processes leading to altered function of bone and muscles
Cutaneous disease All processes altering the skin