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Table 3 Positioning misdiagnosis of malignant low level biliary obstruction

From: Comparison of preoperative evaluation of malignant low-level biliary obstruction using plain magnetic resonance and coronal liver acquisition with volume acceleration technique alone and in combination

Location of lesions Plain MR Coronal LAVA Plain MR with coronal LAVA
Number Misdiagnosis Number Misdiagnosis Number Misdiagnosis
Pancreas 1 Distal CBD 2 Distal CBD; Ampulla 1 Distal CBD
Distal CBD 1 Pancreatic head 1 Ampulla 1 Pancreatic head
Ampulla 2 Duodenum papilla; Distal CBD 1 Distal CBD 1 Distal CBD
Periampullary duodenum 1 Ampulla
Total 5 4 3
  1. MR magnetic resonance, MRCP magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography, LAVA liver acquisition with volume acceleration, CBD common bile duct