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Fig. 2

From: V-shaped double-row distal triceps tendon repair: a novel technique using unicortical button fixation

Fig. 2

Cadavaric demonstration of the double-row V-shaped triceps repair. a Following debridement, pilot holes for two 5.5-mm suture anchors are created at the proximal border of the footprint. b Krakow whipstich sutures placed along the medial, lateral and central part of the triceps tendon. c 4 cm distal to the footprint line, a monocortical 3.2-mm drill-hole is placed in an angle of 45° in proximal direction to the ulnar shaft. d Result following knot tying creating a proximal row repair, subsequently one end of each suture is cut. e Loaded BicepsButton™. Before it is passed through the posterior cortex, the cancellous bone within the intramedullary canal should be compressed using a small clamp

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