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Table 3 Clinical data of four patients of tubal HP with the IUP miscarriaged

From: Clinical analysis of 50 patients with heterotopic pregnancy after ovulation induction or embryo transfer

Case Fertilization way (embryo type and number if ET) Gestational age (days after ET or intercourse) Clinical symptoms Presentation and outcome of IUP Extrauterine pregnancy presentation Bilateral fallopian tubes EP site + treatment
24 IVF-ET (unknown) 27 Vaginal bleeding 1 day Abortion Right adnexal mass 3 cm, CRL 0.2 cm with heart beaten Chronic inflammation by laparoscope Tubal + laparoscopy salpingectomy
25 IVF-ET (fresh 2) 32 Vaginal bleeding 7 days Yolk sac without embryonic pole → abortion Right adnexal mass, CRL 0.5 cm with heart beaten Right salpingectomy and left salpingostomy both for EP Ampullary + laparoscopy salpingectomy
26 IVF-ET (fresh 3) 27 Asymptomatic, routine ultrasound test found Yolk sac without embryonic pole → missed abortion Right adnexal mass 2 cm CRL 0.2 cm with heart beaten Tubal infertility Tubal + laparoscopy salpingectomy
27 IVF-ET (frozen 2) 58 Nausea and vomiting CRL 3.2 cm, with heart beaten 3 weeks ago → missed abortion CRL 2.6 cm without heart beaten hemoperitoneum Bilateral obstructed by laparoscope Ampullary + laparotomy salpingectomy, abdominal haematocele 2000 ml