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Table 2 Correlation of miR-495 relative expression with clinical characteristics

From: MicroRNA-495 serves as a diagnostic biomarker in patients with sepsis and regulates sepsis-induced inflammation and cardiac dysfunction

ParametersMiR-495 expression
P valueCorrelation coefficient (r)
Gender0.519− 0.064
Scr0.035− 0.206
WBC< 0.001− 0.573
CRP< 0.001− 0.509
PCT< 0.001− 0.404
APACHE II score< 0.001− 0.500
SOFA score< 0.001− 0.523
  1. BMI body mass index, Scr serum creatinine, WBC white blood cell, CRP C-reactive protein, PCT procalcitonin, APACHE acute physiology and chronic health evaluation, SOFA sequential organ failure assessment