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Erratum to: Extensive multifocal branch duct IPMN of the pancreas after liver transplantation: is surgery justified?

  • Vittorio Branchi1, 4,
  • Philipp Lingohr1, 4,
  • Winfried A. Willinek3, 4,
  • Edwin Bölke5,
  • Alexander Semaan1, 4,
  • Hui Zhou2, 4,
  • Glen Kristiansen2, 4,
  • Günter Klöppel6,
  • Jörg C Kalff1, 4,
  • Nico Schäfer1, 4 and
  • Hanno Matthaei1, 4Email author
European Journal of Medical Research201520:53

Received: 12 May 2015

Accepted: 12 May 2015

Published: 20 May 2015

The original article was published in European Journal of Medical Research 2015 20:26


After publication of this work [1], we noted that we inadvertently failed to include the complete list of all co-authors. The full list of authors has now been updated. The Authors' contributions and Competing interests section modified accordingly. We are publishing this erratum to update the author list, which is as follows:

Vittorio Branchi, Philipp Lingohr, Winfried A Willinek, Edwin Bölke, Alexander Semaan, Hui Zhou, Glen Kristiansen, Günter Klöppel, Jörg C Kalff, Nico Schäfer and Hanno Matthaei



Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Surgery, University Hospital of Bonn
Institute of Pathology, University Hospital of Bonn
Department of Radiology, University Hospital of Bonn
Center for Integrated Oncology (CIO) Cologne-Bonn, University of Dusseldorf
Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Dusseldorf
Center for Pancreatic and Endocrine Tumors, Department of Pathology, Technical University Munich


  1. Branchi V, Lingohr P, Willinek WA, Semaan A, Zhou H, Kristiansen G, et al. Extensive multifocal branch duct IPMN of the pancreas after liver transplantation: is surgery justified? Eur J Med Res. 2015;20:26.View ArticlePubMed CentralPubMedGoogle Scholar


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